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Dorothy Pilley and Ivor Armstrong Richards, Japan 1927

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Wrestling Cigarette Cards and Alec Munro (1870-1934)

As a fan of modern wrestling, I was very lucky to acquire these great postcards as well as a full set of wrestling cigarette cards from 1911/1913. Alex Monro (1870-1934) was a strongman, olympian, tug-o-war champion and wrestler...and policeman! Checking the local newspaper archive, I can see that he had many fights in the UK and one big one in the USA. I have yet to find his obituary as I am sure that would be an interesting read. I'll keep looking! In the meantime, here are the wrestling cards. They come with a full set of instructions on the back so you can try them at home! The Arm Lock Half Nelson with Buttock Japanese Leg Lock Parrying the Waist Hold The Creel Hold The Cradle Hold

Men Dressed as Women and Women Dressed as Men - Cross Dressing in the 1900s

 I am very fortunate to have in my possession two real photographs of groups of young people doing a bit of theatrical cross dressing! Apparently, if you were hip and beautiful at the turn of the century, you would dabble in a bit of fancy dress, followed by a wild run through your daddy's country house and a cocktail or five! And here are the real Bright Young Things of the 1920s...hats off to the rebel toffs! Thanks to Sepia Saturday for the inspiration!