30 July 2010

Dorothy Pilley and Ivor Armstrong Richards, Japan 1927

D actually picked this one up for 20p as he is the deltiologist of all things Japanese.

I was lucky that the previous owner of this photograph had written the names of the people on the back. Sadly, the deer were not mentioned. After searching the geneology sites, I decided to google their names. Sure enough, I found information on Dorothy Pilley and Ivor Richards. Other pictures of the two on the Web confirmed that the names on the reverse were the people in the picture. I am convinced the next postcard will be frustratingly dull in comparison, but we shall see.

So, who are they?

Dorothy Pilley is the lady. She is 33 in the photograph and she had been married for a few months to Ivor Richards, who is the 34 year-old gentleman in the picture. They met while climbing in Wales (Ivor is a very Welsh name and it is not a surprise they met climbing - I will get to that in a bit) and they married in Honolulu on 31 December 1926. The photograph was taken while they were on a world tour, but I cannot find any reference to Japan in any documents relating to 1927, so I am not sure exactly what they were doing there at that moment.


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  2. I hope his bum is better now! Thanks for this. I have now done some research into the deer in Nara.