13 July 2011

Grandad's 1935 Academic Diary and Film List

 My late grandad was a studious fellow. Recently, I found his old student diary from 1935/1936 when he attended the University of Glasgow. What is most interesting about this diary is that he lists every film he saw and wanted to see in that academic year. I am going to try to watch as many as I can over the next few weeks.

Grandad's Film List, 1935

Dandy Dick
Bulldog Jack
Kid Millions
Stormy Weather
Fighting Stock
The 38 Steps
Peg of Old Drury
First a Girl
Sanders of the River
The Crusades
Becky Sharp
Things to Come
Foreign Affairs
Dantes Inferno
Lucrezia Borgia
Top Hat
The Informer
The Ghost Goes West
The Man who Could Work Miracles
Mutiny on the Bounty
In Person
Modern Times
Strike Me Pink
She Shall Have Music
It's Love Again

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