21 August 2011

"Grüzi aus Luzern" - 36 years of alpine tourism through postcards

After the major peaks of Switzerland had been climbed by the super rich and the new comprehensive Swiss rail system completed, more 'ordinary rich Brits' started coming to Switzerland. This increase in tourism to the area and the development of the picture postcard means that it is quite easy to find early postcards sent by people on their European tour. Unfortunately these cards are a bit 'weather is nice, wish you were here', but they do seem to capture a bit of what life was and is still like in Luzern:

1935 "Having a lovely time - went to the Rhone Glacier yesterday. Everything terribly expensive giving to rate of exchange. Sunbathing on the Lido this afternoon. Weather perfect - not too hot!"

1929 "We have a balcony window, and can sit out in the sun."

1931 "Arrived here on Sunday after a very rough crossing from Folkestone - and an overnight train journey to Bale. The weather is terrible so far but this place is marvellous, and the people are most kind."

1911 "Many thanks for the kind letter and cheque. The bill is paid."

Here is also some fantastic original footage I found of somebody's European tour of the Alps and Luzern:

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