27 October 2011

Japanese Postcards (People)

I have several Japanese postcards in my collection, but my Japanese collection is still somewhat small. I have selected Japanese postcards which either tell us a bit more about how postcards were used in the early twentieth century or raise an eyebrow or two! I will explain...

The use of the first postcard to confirm attendance to a social function (written at work!) and the second to request some forgotten belongings shows not only that postcards were used to send short day-to-day messages, but also that the postcards available for this purpose showed international images.

The next two are interesting because of their content...

I particularly like the way this postcard begins:

"I was surprised to have a nasty letter from you..." - oh, to have that letter!

...and the sauciest correspondence I have:

Dear old saucy 
How are you getting on after your funny mood. You know what I mean at Yarmouth. On naughty naughty...

I am sure the postman was a bit speechless after reading this one!

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