16 December 2011

More Winnipeg Postcards

Okay, I think I can say I now have a decent collection of Winnipeg postcards. My collection literally doubled after visiting one local postcard fair as for some reason every seller seemed to have Winnipeg cards!

Not all of them were sent, but the ones which were posted are marked 1911, 1912 and 1917, which fits in with their split backs and the tinted photographs. Many are from a series published by Valentine & Sons Publishing Co and these can be identified by the red writing on them. 

Here are some snippets from the backs:

"Have broken the journey here to see the place. Am enjoying myself immensely."
"Arrived here last night to have a look round"
"Why don't I hear from you. I hope you are quite well also George. Wrote over 3 months ago. Perhaps the letters have gone astray."
"two streets on this side the subway is where we live and the station is not far from there so you would not have far to walk if you did happen to come to Canada"

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