16 December 2011

Photographs as Postcards - some 'off-topic' gems

Thanks to a friend of mine who has recently started collecting postcards, I was out of control at a recent postcard fair because I found myself off-topic as I showed her all the different categories! Most postcard collectors attend the fairs looking for very specific cards, and normally so do I. This is always good for the purse as it helps one control oneself and means you actually get out of the fair with some hours left in the day. I secretly like going off-topic as it is often these finds which make me smile or send me off on some research.

My favourite off-topic finds are often the 'real photo' postcards created with special cameras which produced photos onto postcard paper for sending. These postcards usually show family life or record important events and were meant to be shared just like digital photos today.

Here are some of my favourites:
I wish I could have seen this play based on nursery rhymes. The kid with the beard and the one with the paper bag on his head are brilliant!
I actually have the name of every pupil written on the back of this card. I love the grumpy girl (middle row, left) and the ones who just could not stand still!

A bit of adult theatre here. I know the women are dressed as men, but are the men dressed as women?
A walk in the woods. I love the confidence of the front couple.
A walk in the snow. I really like the clothes they are wearing, especially the boots and socks - ready for some mountaineering!

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