25 November 2012

Where There's Dirt There's Danger!

Last Saturday I picked up this handy booklet produced by the Health and Cleanliness Council in 1929. The Council was created with the aim to propagate health and cleanliness (Journal of Nursing 1929) and this pamphlet was one of many the Council produced.

Contained are useful tips on how to wash lace curtains, make soap jelly, and how to teach kids to blow their noses thoroughly so they won't suffer later on in life!

Some advice I think I will not follow in 2012 include the following...

Carpets should be brushed each day with a soft brush, and once a week with a hard brush, first sprinkling with tea-leaves which have been well washed and are slightly damp, to prevent the dust from rising.

A good tooth-paste is, of course, of great benefit, but if you have no toothpaste, just rub your brush on the soap tablet. Soap will cleanse and brighten the teeth excellently and benefit the gums too.

The best thing about this pamphlet is the logo and quite scary slogan...

Where There's Dirt, There's Danger!



  1. Uuugh! soapy bubbles in your mouth! We may laugh now but they took it seriously back then. Thank you for sharing this find with us.

  2. And I thought it was our time that was obsessed with cleanliness ;)
    The word deltiologist was new to me... I've not really been collecting, I just inherited an old collection of family postcards.
    Thanks for visiting my blog Greetings from the Past.

  3. In Yorkshire where I live in England they say, 'Where there's muck, there's money!

  4. So interesting. So, do you LEAVE the tea leaves in the rug or vacuum them up?

  5. Washing someone's mouth out with soap used to be a punishment. My mother always said you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die.

  6. That was when carpets were made of natural fibres. I wonder how that tea-leaf method would work. I assume they're talking "dry" leaves, and not boiled!

  7. A great post and a brave motto that I shall adopt. Danger, danger everywhere in my house!

  8. Love the photo of the kids blowing their noses! Jo

  9. I'm not sure they vacuumed anything, but I think you brushed all those tea leaves back up again. And as for the soap on the toothbrush....I'd rather have a cavity, I think, than brush with soap!

  10. Oh that's just so timely. They had class time last week in preschool just all about germs! They learned a lot- all those things we've been saying and saying right! Let's hope it sticks!